Welcome To Army Public School & College Quaid Garrison, DG Khan

Admission Procedure
  • Vacancies for admission are created due to School leaving certificates obtained by different outgoing students, failures and introduction of new classes.
    • Admission policy. With the exception of transfer cases regarding children of Army personnel all admissions will be priority. Ratio of 70:30 will be observed while granting admission to military and civilians, respectively. Vacancies of defense paid civilians will be accounted in 70% of military quota. Following admission policy will be followed:-
      • Priority of Admission. Wards will be granted admission as per following priority:-
        • Shuhada
        • War disabled with Class Aya disability
        • Serving Army Personnel of SFN / ASFC
        • Serving Army Personnel of other formations
        • Retired Army Personnel
        • Serving / Retired/ Pakistan Air force/ Navy Personnel
        • Civilian paid out of Defence estimates
        • Federal Government Employees
        • Civilian preferable residing in cantonments
      • Guaranteed admission will be granted to 100% wards of Strategic Forces command. In case a student does not qualified test of desired class, he/ she will be offered admission in the lower class.
      • Admission will not be refuse to children of serving personnel of Army Public School. For all other candidates, Admission will be given in appropriate class after test.
      • Some seats in each class will be kept vacant to cater for transfer case during the year.
      • It has been experienced that most of the students obtained admission in Army Public School and then shift to other school thereby using this school as platform for subsequent admission, A certificate as follow be signed by the parents/ guardians at the time of admission
        “I also certified that I shall not withdraw my son/ daughter/ ward from Army Public School before minimum period of one year or my posting out of station whichever is earlier. I also certified certify that I will not interfere in the School affairs concerning the academic plan”.
      • Parent Teacher Meeting will be held at once quarter.
      • Written letter will be given to parents on each Parent Teacher Meeting for weak students.
      • Limit of 30 students / section will be strictly followed, additional admission, if necessitated will be approved as under:-
        • Upto 3 addl student in a section – By CEC
        • More than 3 students – By Chairman GB.
      • Class Wise Recommended Age Group
      • Class Age of Children
        Play Group 3.5 + Years
        Kindergarten 4 + Years
        Prep 5 + Years
        Class - I 6 + Years
        Class - II 7 + Years
        Class - III 8 + Years
        Class - IV 9 + Years
        Class - V 10 + Years
        Class - VI 11 + Years
        Class - VII 12 + Years
        Class suitability will be decided from child's age on 31st March.